why is my truck spitting when idling and driving on 1999 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

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already changed fuel pump,fuel injectors and changed the spark plugs
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rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank of premium. ethanol blend in fuel causes build up in fuel system, combustion chambers, exhaust and causes increased wear to spark plugs. possible loose build up in fuel line washed in to injectors fouling them.
double check spark plugs for correct torque(24 lb.s) or damage on install(insulators). review condition of ignition cables. if original for truck, may be due for change. rec. performance grade for replacement. accel's are good and more cost effective than OEM replacements.
take to a shop for a diagnostic run to find any other issues u should be aware of.
ended being the lead wire from the coil to the distribitor my cousin was messin with it and when i went to time it with the timing light i touched the distributor i had the truck running and it shocked the crap out of me. turned it off and the wire was barely touching the inside of the distributor.but i run straight premium with NGK Uridium spark plugs with 3" dual straight pipe exhaust snd when i did the injectors and fuel pump i replaced the fuel filter and blew the fuel lines out.truck runs like a champ.
good show. time to lay some rubber down now, huh?
ya i had 50% tire tread and did a two block burnout now theres no visable tread on the back just smooth
fun but expensive.