why is my trac light on? on 1998 Toyota Avalon

we were driving normally on a road with a little icy snow, no slipping or sliding..turned onto a dry road for about 12 miles, trac light came on, we stopped to look at car mannual..turned off car for 10 minutes, started, light is still on..tried to turn off by pushing button with no results..only have owned this car for 2 weeks...

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scan codes and post so we can adv
We had it scanned at auto zone and nothing showed on the box....the fellow that did scan looked around the front tires and noticed the drum had a gouge in it, he said that is what migh have caused it to come on...Thank you so much for time ...
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Check your owner's manual, but most likely, it refers to the open of the traction control system. This may be due to give you wear brake, or you may accidentally hit a switch or button. Good luck
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