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1995 Toyota Celica Question: why is my steering wheel trembling when I reach 50 mph?

after replacing my tires the steering wheel started to tremble...I also replaced my rims ,struts, cv joints ,wheel bearings, brakes and had an alignment. I have been back to the shop where I bought the tires from several times. while they cannot find anything wrong with my car they are still insisting that the tires are not the problem -
Answer 1
Have the tires been rotated , to see if any difference? that would help rule out the tires. Where was all the rest of the work done? -
Comment 1
yes we rotated the tires and it was worse. The car also veered hard to the right afterward. The other work was performed at the dealership, sears, cv joints at firstone -
Comment 2
To many hands on it............figure out which place you trust most. IF switching tire location CHANGES the symptom/condition , then tires are suspect. What brand & model tire did you get? -
Comment 3
Nitto Xtreme..unfortunately I do not have much of a selection bc my celica calls for 205/55/15 in which is considered an "oddball" tire -
Comment 4
Check "tirerack.com" , search by tire size not vehicle ,select "all brands" .........Dunlop , Bridgestone , Khumo& Yokohama , have tires listed..........but , yeah , not to many.From my experience , the tire racks ratings are pretty reliable. Good luck. -
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the trembling started after I purchased 4 brand new tires. I also bought 4 new rims, new brakes and an alignment. Balance has been checked 3 times I also replaced wheel bearings and struts ...