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2000 Honda Odyssey Question: Why is my passenger side sliding door making a loud grinding noise when locking?

A lot of times when locking the van with the key or with the door switch, the van makes a loud grinding or sqeaking noise. What is causing it? We had to replace the door cable because it broke a year ago. About 6 months later the noise started. Please help!!! Thanks -
Answer 1
poss door lock actuator is going bad -
Answer 2
If the noise is occurring just at the last bit where the latch is pulling it in to close , then most likely it's a worn 'closer motor assembly' Rear latch and several other control cables built as one unit at rear of sliding door(power doors , right?) If it's a metallic screaching that goes along with most of the distance the door travels , then have the center roller checked- also common on those. -
Comment 1
It only makes the noise when you lock the doors not when unlocking the door. The noise is coming from the passenger sliding door. It sounds like a loud groan. -
Comment 2
Go bak to answer #1, lock actuator. -