Why is my left foot getting wet when I apply the brake? on 2009 Volvo C70

I have a 2009 Volvo c70 and I am having trouble with my left foot getting dripped on when I apply the brakes with a bit of force. It is at the dealership for the second time now. The first time they thought it was condensation and "re adjusted the plates so it would drain." This time they have had a "hose on it for 4 hours and it is still dry." Any ideas?

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Do they know if it's water, anti-freeze or brake fluid? Or something else?
It appears to be water.
This is an odd one. Without seeing the car it's very difficult. My thought is condensation in the heater vent system, but this would have to occur when the A/C (or defroster) has been used, or an external water leak after it has rained.

If you take it to a shop, they should check all Volvo service bulletins, and look on iATN. If the shop doesn't have access to this info, then try to find a better shop, e.g. Volvo dealer or European specialty shop.