Why is my gas tank not pressurizing and I'm smelling gas fumes? on 1999 Lexus GS300

I changed my fuel tank , filter and fuel pump seal and I stop have the same issue. I also only 240miles on a full tank. It guzzles gas like crazy, and smelling strong gas fumes come from the rear passenger side of my car. I don't have a check engine light cause the car passed emissions with flying colors. My I boughtthe fuel cap from the dealer and it's the same problem. The tank just won't pressurize!! What should I do? I really need some help.

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Check your vapor recovery system. Start with the filler neck (these have a tendency to rust out) and filler hose for cracks and wear. Check all hoses in system. Or, go to a shop equipped with "smoke test" equipment to find this apparently large system leak.
Had all of that done already too, and came up short. Could it be a bad fuel pressure regulator?
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have codes scanned and post so we can adv
Had codes pulled and nothing came up. I even realized yesterday that it had a lil trouble starting. Could it be my fuel pressure regulator?
Need fuel pressure test to be sure, but it could be the regulator.
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