why is my gas tank burping up gas every time I fill it up? on 2008 Dodge Nitro

did not start until about 25-35000 miles

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Hi, I have a dodge nitro 07, I received a letter from my dealer about losing fuel after pumping.
There is a recall on that issue. Take it to your dealer they will fix it a no charge.
Thanks for your input,took it in for recall now all is well.
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sorry, i don't have the answer. i just wanted you to know you are not alone, my 07 nitro does the same thing!? goofy!
Ditto on my 2008 Nitro. It started around 50K miles & always leaves about a quart down the side of my truck and on the ground. Thanks for the recall info.

This morning, I was sitting at a light and the truck just shut off. No sputter, no choke, nothing - it just turned off. Tried to restart it & it cranked but wouldn't catch. After a few tries it started. I pulled around the corner off the main road and turned around to head back to the mechanic. Seemed perfectly fine, absolutely no noises, not running rough, nothing unusual so I drove to work. In reading some of the other posts about the security system, seems like I may have a two-fer on the Recalls.
Thanks for your input,took it in for recall now all is well.