why is my ford taurus running hot? on 1995 Ford Taurus

i took it for a drive around the neighborhood when i started to smell something burning. then saw smoke coming from under the hood. my car started to run hot and when i pulled over and then tried to crank it again it didnt start for about 10 mins. i checked the coolant and its green in color and was halfway full, i added a little water to fill it up the rest of the way. once i got it back home i tuned it on again to make it run hot to check if i could see a leak and any of the hoses but i couldnt only smoke coming from up towards the windshield behind the engine kinda. does this sound filmiluar to anyone and if so what is the problem? and about how much will it cost to get fixed?

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your rear head gasket is shot it is a common issue with these cars
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I have a 95 3.8L Taurus It has an overheat problem forever! If it is the rear head gasket shot would there be any way to confirm this other than it overheats?