1990 Buick LeSabre Q&A

1990 Buick LeSabre Question: Why is my engine leaking around the front seal?

I have a oil leak around my front seal. My mechanic put a new seal in and its still leaking a lot at between 1100 to 1500 RPMS. He said the crankshaft is floating up and down at about .025. The car runs fine. Does this sound right? Help!Thanks! -
Answer 1
Any noise from engine? Oil light coming on at all while idling in gear? -
Comment 1
No engine noise at all. No oil light either. Since i knew its been leaking I have been keeping an eye on the oil level. It leaks a lot. The engine runs smooth and quiet. Any ideas? -
Comment 2
If the crankshaft was 'flopping' around that much... the engine would be knocking and loosing oil pressure with the oil light coming on!! As memory serves me, its the 3.8 L V/6 ... Right? -
Comment 3
Yes.Its the 3.8 motor. I hate to give up on the car because its only got 100,000 on it. If what the mechanic told me is true, I would think the engine would be knocking. What do you think I should do? -
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Get another opinion!... This mechanic is mistaken!! I do believe...... -
Comment 5
OK. Im with you. This whole thing doesn't make any sense. I know another mechanic I can take it to. Thanks for your help! -