why is my driver side window not working? It won't go up or down? on 1997 Geo Prizm

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I have a 2000 prizm, which I love, however the driver side window stopped working, What would cause this? it used to go up or down slowly and I could get it back up when I first started the car but now would work at all and is about 1 1/2
down. before i take it in for reason/price, does any one know what would cause this? thanks
(2) Answers
since its more of a common problem with GM automobiles im gonna say its the motor ,they can tend to work one min and the next nothing .if u take of the panel and smack the motor a bit whiole pushoing the button u will get it to go up some times . but u definetly need a motor
Lift motor is most likely your problem. Regulator next. Followed by switch. Will need a mech. to check it.