Why is my coolant temp over heating? on 1997 Audi A4 Quattro

Today I was driving and my coolant temp started over heating. I immediately drove home. I discovered a tear in a radiator hose. I replaced the hose and flushed the coolant.

Once I started driving again after 5 min the engine coolant gauge starts going towards hot again and smoke is coming out of my tail pipe. Also the right side valve cover gasket was already minorly leaking and now it seems to smoking more.

I dont know if its the water pump possibly? Or a coolant issue. Or the valve cover gasket. But I know it was running fine even with the minor valve cover gasket leak up until today when the hose tore.

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water pump has plastic impellar which break down and fall apart which may have cause a blown headgasket
Your both wrong on the head gasket. It would have to over heat on my oil temp guage to get hot enough to blow a head gasket. Also blown head gaskets cause the car to not run worth a crap. My can runs, idles, and drives fine. Also a blow head gasket would produce blue smoke. Not white :)
ok then i guess you know whats wrong so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. headgasket issues are white smoke in cali maybe diff there.
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...............never mind , I read the question wrong. I thought this was an AUDI
Sounds like a head gasket to go with the valve gasket issue. Seek mech. for a diagnosis and estimate. Be sure to give the info. as you have done here to the mech.
Also I purchased the car with leaking valve cover gaskets. I replaced one. But not the other. It was already leaking before the over heating. The over heating has not caused the valve cover gasket leak to escalate. I just read that white smoke could be produced. But i feel that my engine would have to major league over heat to blow a head gasket.