Why is my car running poorly after I changed the plugs and wires? on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

changed the plugs and wires in the car yesterday..... now it runs poorly. found one plug wasnt sparking as good as the rest and put an old one in. ran better but still bad. found a firing order diagram and i had 3 and 6 mixed up. fixed that ran better but still bad. I have changed around all of the plugs to see if it ran better with an older plug or not. It idles rough and will stall after a minute. any suggestions?

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You need 'hands on' help from a car savvy person!
Possible cracked spark plug insulators, especially the back three, plug wires still crossed or plug wire(s) may not even be on the spark plug(s) correctly on the back 3 cylinders!!! Pretty tough to get at them, but you know that by now.
You bet, even seasoned mechanics sometimes have trouble with this same thing, on this engine!!
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I have a 91 ciera 3300 v6 and Im having the same problem Ive had other problems like crank sensor change that or fuel regulator .or fuel injectors we have put a lot of money in this old car