why is my car overheating have tried everything i can think of please help.. on 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

i also changed the water pump and car still over heating some white smoke coming out of tailpipe assume bad head gasket so i bought some head gasket sealant still over heating but now we noticed the fans are not coming on until the car is actually over heating or not at all so i am curious if anyone knows how to wire up a toggle switch directly to fans any help would be great thank you, please note that this car broke after just 1 1/2 wks of putting money down on this car had not even made a first payment... now the gentlemen at the car lot say we will fix and add it to your bill ha ha ha... looks like we got scammed good i do think what about you...



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head gasket sealer will NOT work. poss head gasket issue like you assume. have a test done to confirm and get est to repair. any good tech could hot wire fans for temp fix. toggle switch and wire require. toggle switch wire to battery and fans the other is to grd and switch
I agree with #1 the head gasket is probably blown
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