Why is my car overheating after driving on the interstate for an hour? on 2006 BMW 330i

After driving on the interstate for an hour the overheating signal comes on and the car dies. The first time it happened I had it towed to a shop and they looked at it the next morning and found nothing wrong. The second time, again after an hour on the interstate, I left the car parked in a lot and returned the next day and it ran fine without showing the overheating alert.

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check your cooling fan to see if comes on while its hot then I would change the t stat
Thank you for the good advice.
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Have a specialty shop equipped with a GT1 check your BMW DME...there is an issue with its cooling system control
Good advice, I'll do that. Thank you for your response.
Did you find a resolution to your problem? My 330i is doing the exact something.
I did find a recall I'm going to see the dealership about.
The auxiliary fan and electric water pump are common failure points on this BMW. As previously stated, a shop with a BMW specific scanner should be able to confirm.
They have an electric engine water pump - these are prone to failure. I've just had mine replaced after same symptoms