Why is my car not recharging the battery? on 2001 Ford Escort

Alternator checks out ok, battery is new, all fuses have been checked and are ok, but the voltage across the battery is 12.2 volts with nothing running and only 11.9 with all accessories on except pass compt fan motor for heater/ac. Can not get the car to actually discharge the batt below 11.65 volts-11.9 volts but the voltage never goes above 12.2 either. Any ideas?

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While the car is running...testing the battery should be around 14 is also testing the output from the alternator. If your numbers are right here....your alternator is failing, and will cause your battery to burn out. A good battery with the car off should read from 12.2v-12.6v...with the car running...around 14v.

Hope this helps