Why is my car jerking upon acceleration? on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

I recently had the transmission solenoid replaced, but now my car is jerking everytime I drive. It normally starts up about 10 minutes into driving, like after the car is warmed up is when I notice it. Before I got the solenoid replaced it rarely jerked, maybe once in a great while. But now its literally all the time! What else could possibly be wrong? Someone please help!!

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You have an 'engine misfire' that is more pronounced and frequent now that the transmission solenoid has been replaced. It is now actually shifting into a higher gear than it was before, you can't really feel it, and then the engine is under more load. That is your jerking or jumping! Have it tested to find this misfire. Is the service engine soon light on or flashing?
yes the service engine light is on
A scan test will show where the problem is. Scanner can tell which cylinder is misfiring. AutoZone will read the codes for free! However that is not a scan test. You can post the code numbers and we can help.
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if light is on scan codes and post so we can adv
p0440 is the code autozone got

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