Why is my battery always dead when nothing is on? on 1994 Buick LeSabre

It's like something is draining the battery every night. Always has to have a jump in order to crank up. When I try to crank it up, it click clacks for a while and then it dies the more I try.

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have charging system ck'd 1st
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sounds like you got a bad battery I agree with orange auto that you should have the charging system checked
Yes, your car battery needs to be charged.
You need to give it a full, overnight charge with a
reasonable charger.

A car will run for many miles on a fully charged
battery without the alternator working just so
long as you don't run accessories. (radio, heater,
lights, etc.)

However, if you have a problem with the
charging system that causes the battery to run
down while you are driving, you will not get more
out of the battery than just as long as it can hold
a charge. Also, each time you recharge a battery
in this way you are shortening the life of the battery.

Watch your guages when you have charged it and
are driving. It is also a good idea when you get it
charged to run that you drive to your local auto
parts store to have your alternator checked. They
can do this with the car running so that you do not
have to remove it from the car.

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