Why is my A/C not working? on 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

How do you install the blower motor? I know a little bit about cars and how to maintain them, but i'm no mechanic. Recently, my blower motor went out from not unclogging the drain hose, n now i need to replace it, but i don't want to pay out the ears in labor chargers. Just want to know how to correctly install a blower motor for a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4cyl.

by in Yuma, AZ on August 07, 2011
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ANSWER by on August 08, 2011
it calls for .7 hrs to replace.
COMMENT by on August 08, 2011
Alright, wasn't really asking the length of time it would take for me to install it, i need to know how to install. Why pay someone else to do something when you can do it yourself? Comprende?
COMMENT by on August 09, 2011
get a manual for the step by step guide.I gave you the labor time as an guide to how easy it is to replace.
COMMENT by on August 09, 2011
gotcha. thanks partner

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