2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor Q&A

2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor Question: Why is my A/C blowing out warm air then cold then warm?

My a c unit is blowing out warm air then cold air then warm air. Can you explain why. -
Answer 1
Need a little more info! Does it do this at a steady hyway speed, or are you in stop & go traffic? -
Comment 1
Steady highway speed. -
Comment 2
Only thing i can think of is it's possible it needs a shot of freon. Sounds like the compressor is cycling on/off due to low pressure. Hard to tell without some pressure readings. -
Comment 3
I had the compressor checked and it is holding pressure. They also said that the freon was good. -
Comment 4
When you say warm air, is it warmer than ambient temp.like maybe the heater on? If that is the case, possible blend door actuator problem. That's just a guess. But a fairly good one i think! -
Comment 5
This is what I was told culd be the problem. How much does this cost to fix? -
Answer 2
Might be late with this but I believe it has to do with a recall. -