Why is my 2000 VW Jetta experience automatic transmission shifting problem? on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 2000 VW Jetta, 148,000 miles. The past few weeks the check engine light is on and the car will not shift from first to higher gear until the engine speed reached ~4200 rpm. I suspect there is something amiss with the automatic transmission, and if it is an issue that might be resolved with replacement of the transmission which might be more expensive than the car is wor

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I know it's a little late, but thats the speed sensor dude. Guranteed. Duralast speed sensor is around 60 bucks and can be repaired in your garage taking about 2-3 hours.
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I have a 2001 jetta automatic shifts good in 1st 2nd and reverse and 3rd and drive have problems and shift into gear is there anyone who knows maybe y its doing that ????
Check your transmission fluid level, if good you may have a problem with your shift solenoids
I'm not sure if this helps anyone here but my 1991 Jetta would clunk going into drive. I adjusted the brake band using a socket wrench. Also the car would not shift past first gear. After cleaning the filter and flushing the transmission several times the car shifts normally. This required removing the pan underneath the car and this may not want to be done at home instead of a mechanic etc. there's also a gear box on this transmission which requires gear oil which I changed.
make sure the trans contol module is properly updated a TSB describes similar problems-the mh cdomputers seem to have most problems-good luck!
Thank You l1 master. I appreciate your response. In December we used the Jetta as part of a trade in for a 2011 Toyota Prius. Our mechanic told us that the cost of replacing the transmission is more than the car was worth, and I just didn't have the time or money to get other opinion. I hope purchasing the Prius was a good choice.