Why is my 1998 eclipse blowing white smoke out the tailpipe on 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

What process should I follw if my 1998 Eclipse is blowing white smoke out of it not only when I am driving but also at an idle what should I start with first the headgasket are the motor

1 answer
White smoke is normally coolant or in some cases oil
(be careful and apply common sense not to burn yourself)
In the instance you have a blow head gasket-
-Check for irregular engine idle operation
-Check for oil and water contamination
-Check with the radiator cap off, foaming of small bubbles appear from cooling system when idling.
-Check for coolant smell or rapid condensation build up on your hand from exhaust
-Water/coolant in the bore when left over night
-Drive the car till hot as possible, quickly remove spark plugs and insert a long enough screw driver in each port and pull out after 30 seconds, if condensation is seen on the tip, head gasket is to be replaced and head checked.