why is it shuting off on 2003 Dodge Ram 3500

when iam stoped at a red light and let it idle for a min it dies. i have put a new fuel pump on it what else do i need to look at

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What other symptoms does it give you? Does the idle get rough or erratic before it dies? Does it shut off as if someone turned the key off? Does your check engine/power loss light work at key on self-test? If so you can check 'fast codes'. If you have an LED odometer you may get them(code #s) displayed there. Cycle the key like this within 3 or 4 seconds total ----on-off=on-off-ON.....3rd time 'on' leave it on and observe. Either the odometer will show stored codes or the MIL will blink ('flash') the codes...example-- flash - pause-flash.flash , would be a 12, flash flash flash-pause-flash flash flash flash , would be a 34.You can repeat this key cycle as often as needed til your sure you've read the codes right. REMEMBER.....a code does NOT tell you the bad part ..mostly it tells you the system affected. And from what I remember of chrysler products years ago, if the code wasn't cleared it would act as if it wasn't fixed even if it was. You should have the codes cleared with a scan tool.
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Get scan test to see what the trouble is,could be lots of things.Iac,throttle body
coked,vacuum,fuel ect.Is CEL.on?
i did and it had no codes
scan codes and if poss read live data on idle air control
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