Why is Hot, very hot air coming from my air conditioning setting? on 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

Hot, very hot(as if the heater is on) air is coming from my air conditioning? the back vents cold air is coming out, but front vents extremely hot air is coming out...

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It sounds like the front temperature door actuator is stuck in the heat position in your 2005 Chevrolet Uplander. If that is the case there should be fault codes stored in the a/c control module. The first step would be to read, diagnose, and repair any a/c related fault codes. You will need a scan tool in order to read the a/c fault codes.
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My 2006' was doing the same thing. Turn the knob from cold to hot slowly a few times and then leave on cold and it should be fine.
my 05 did same 3 leaks in ac lines no recalls on it yet