1995 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

1995 Chrysler Sebring Question: why is car not getting fire

car will turn over but will not start -
Answer 1
i don't know -
Answer 2
Fist you need to check for fault codes with a scanner. -
Answer 3
I had that issue almost right after I bought my Chrysler. My issue was the crank shaft sensor, though it could also be your distributor. The best bet is to just get someone to run a diagnostic check on your vehicle. -
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Since it died, I have had the cam sensor and crank sensor and coil pack replaced. Before those were replaced, spark plug 1 was getting fire, after replacing all of that, none of them are firing. ...
just bought car and was told it was out of time and the other guy had the dist out of it timng belt good and tight but will not fire thanks bob