Why has gas mileage has dropped from 21 to 15 run great and air filter is clean on 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

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Why has my mileage dropped? Dealership says everything looks good and supposedly checks out, sir filter is clean and the engine runs great.
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What exactly is fuel trims and what kind of codes should my mechanic check for? Thanks and God Bless
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It may not have any fault codes....Fuel trims are a way that the technician may be able to tell if for some reason the fuel control system may be making the system run a bit on the lean side due to perhaps a vacume leak or on the rich side due to a lazy oxygen sensor or a dirty fuel injector. This requires a good technician to dig for possible make sure you really have an issue first by checking your fuel mileage accurately on a road trip.
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Are you checking your mileage in around town driving or a long road trip? Driving habits have more to do with than one would think sometimes.
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