Why engine stalls at 2800, can't go over 40 mph on 2000 Lexus RX300

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CODES ARE P0300, P1310, P0300 P/D, The car shuts down at 2800 rpm. First thing in the morning it will rpm up all you want for a few minutes, then it starts shutting down. We have changed plugs, coils, maf,coolant temp, an had the converters checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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P1310 relates to a Igniter Circuit Malfunction and P0300 is a ramdom missfire detected. The ingnition coils can cause this but you say you they have been replaced. Best thing I can reccomend is spend some money with a good technician on diagnosis. This car is equipped with variable cam timing and other things taht could set up your problem.
Thanks, I talked to a lexus tech and he said if i used aftermarket coils that is probably my problem. I have ordered new factory ones. Thanks again. got the new coils in today problem solved
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