why engine run rough on acceleration on 2000 Buick LeSabre

seem to idle fine and service engine soon light flashes

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Needs plugs and wires most likely, scan test is a must,, first! Have it fixed asap to avoid other damage!!! Seriously,, it needs to be repaired before driving much at all....! Can trash out the expensive catalytic converter in a hurry, just telling you!!
all good info thankyou
You welcome!
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that vehicle is common to have a leaking intake gasket, leaking head gasket. before you go throwing a tune up at it, ask yourself this question. are you having to put fluid in the cooling system, if you are, "i think you are" then don't think a tune up is going to fix it. I know, really, don't bow down or anything, it might go to my head.
That is about as useless as any answer you could possibly give! You are just showing your lack of knowledge about auto repair!!! Do you even know how to scan test a vehicle?
I wonder what you do with a vehicle if you have no codes, no check engine light on. what do you tell them, you need the check engine light on to figure out what is wrong with a vehicle.
his check engine light is flashing, what code do you think is going to be there. if he says he is adding fluid the cooling system weekly, are you still wanting to put spark plugs and wires on it ?
Do you see anything about loosing any coolant in the posted question?? A flashing cel indicates a misfire, it will have code(s) from PO300 to PO306 which show the misfiring cylinder!! Now, go answer some unanswered questions that you know something about! And stop making snide remarks about other peoples post!! Don't need your useless input!!
your the one saying a blown head gasket or leaking intake gasket on this vehicle will not set a misfire code, your the one saying that the only way for the check engine light to flash is spark plugs, wires and coils, you have been quoted on it, don't go and try to run the other side of the fence with you didn't say that, because that is exactly what you wrote, so right now, we don't need your useless input, or the fact that you cannot admit when you are wrong.
Read into it what ever you like! I would like to know what it is about "most likely" that you don't understand??? This is a waste of time! I have better things to do! WOW. I am not running anywhere btw!... What a D.A.!!!!!!!!