Why don't I have heat in my car? on 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Last winter the heat wouldn't come on until I had driven about ten miles. Now it doesn't come on at all. What could be the problem? It has 67,000 miles on it. Thanks

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What is the temperature running at, Maybe the thermostat is bad this year.
I'm not sure. How do I tell?
You don't have a gauge on that car, so I guess you wouldn't know unless you had a temp gun or scan tool to be able to tell. It could be a restricted heater core. Can you check or have someone check to see if your hoses to the heater core are hot to the touch after running the car long enough that it would be at normal operating temperature, just like the radiator hoses would be warm.
I'm not sure if I can find someone to check it. I have never had it flushed or the thermostat replaced. Should I start with those things?
That would be the first things to do, at least concerning the heater core have it flow tested. It could still be the temp/blend door actuator, but need to make sure the others are good first.
o.k. I will start with those two things. Thanks so much for your advice!!!
U Bet
So I took my car into Firestone today and they said the Dex coolant in my radiator has turned to sludge. They refused to try and remove it and suggested I take it to a dealer :( will they be able to remedy my heat problem by removing this coolant from the radiator?
It has probably stopped up the heater core as well. Why won't they flush the cooling system. Huh some people, maybe call around now that you know what needs to be done and get estimates. With dex-cool you need to use distilled water 50-50 mix. Gel problem is usually caused by tap water mix. Let me know.
I got the feeling they just didn't want to bother with it. They were working short handed due to the large amount of snowfall we had over the weekend. If the heater core is stopped up will flushing the system take care of that? Must I take it to a dealer or can places like Penzoil do it? They would be much cheaper.
Call and see if someone will do it for you besides the dealer. That might be hard to do as cold as it is. If they have a drain inside that would be great.
o.k. I will make some calls tomorrow morning and see what they say. At Firestone today the guy said the dealer might have a stronger solution than they had to dissolve the sludge in it. Wasn't sure if that is true? He said I should of had it changed a long time ago but the manual says it is good until 100,000 so I thought it was o.k. As you can tell, cars are definitely not my forte! I just hope nothing else has been damaged. So stressful! Thanks so much for your input!
100,000 is standard but you also have 10 years of probably not a lot of highway driving and it goes bad. At least you are aware of it now. Need to consider a earlier maintenance schedule going for this year as well.
o.k. I sure will keep that in mind. Thanks so much!!
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