Why does truck die after starting it will run for awhile then it shuts down ? on 2000 GMC 3500 Pickup

sometimes starts, runs for about 5 seconds then shuts down. sometimes it will restart, sometimes it won't. it acts like a "kill" switch is operating it.You never know when it is going to shut down on you. You can not trust it to drive anywhere. No code can be found when tested. HELP! PLEASE.

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check for fuel pressure.
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ck fuel pressure
The PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) Is mounted on top the Fuel Pump under the intake manifold.
This is likely the most common problem with 6.5's dieing and or not starting.
No need to remove manifold to replace, You buy a relocation kit with a heat sink.I installed mine inside front bumper on the provided "stand outs" by one of the fog light holes (Gets plenty of air and stays cooler than original position.)The hardest part is reaching down in front of manifold to unplug the old PMD harness.Install the new harness to this connector and route it down in front. Leave the old PMD where it is. It took me about an hour to replace, and I have had no more problems.
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