Why does this Toyota not start sometimes when it's warm. on 1994 Toyota Corolla

It cranks but won't start sometimes. I have checked the timing and it's fine. I replaced the distributor and a weak relay. All components are functioning as they should, and when the car is cold it starts fine but when it gets warmed up SOMETIMES it won't start. After it sits and cools off it will start again. It runs fine when it does start.

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When it will not start is it getting spark to the plugs? Check engine light on or been on?
No it has no spark to the plugs when it won't start and no to the engine light being on.
'New' complete distributor??
You need to slow down and get some work done PR.
yes, complete new distributor. I've been trying to locate this problem on this baby for a couple of weeks now.
Heat is breaking down an electrical componet somewhere but that is a no brainer. Usually the distributor will fix this problem! Hard to cure an intermittent!!!!
I aint hit a lick today PG! We are a little slow right now anyway, always have been this time of year and when hunting season starts. I just work about 20 hrs a week to help an old pal out. Got some young bucks working for him and you know how that can be! They good wrench turners just dont have the natural talent and dont want it either! Cant teach this stuff, got to have it in the blood!! I really do believe that!
Yep; been covered up, 2 helpers but I have to do the diag. and the phone, and the etc. Picture matches now, Cool
Can you direct me to where the open circuit relay is located on the 1994 Toyota Corolla??
At the center of the dash next to the ECM, driver's side.
Thanks, I shall check it out tomorrow. Finally found the open circuit relay located directly under the center of the dash/heater levers, behind/under the console. I was guaranteed from another mechanic that had to chase down the same problem that...replacing this relay would solve the random no start problem, hope he was correct.

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year.
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Check that you have voltage coming from the Coil.
I just had a similar issue, where it would start but as soon as the engine warmed up it would cut out, and then not start again until it cooled down
this was due to a worn out coil.