why does this car seem to stick in 2nd gear on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

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they changed transmissions 4 times they changed computer, the car gets stuck in 2nd gear, if you shut the car down and restart it will go to third gear only to go back to 2nd gear if you let off the gas,
(3) Answers
Sounds like the transmission is going in to limp in mode, have diagnosed or at lest have transmission fault codes pulled and repost.
There are vacuum lines that must be correctly attached to the tranny....if there is a leak, you are welcoming shifting problems.
My wifes car wouldnt shift out of low gear.It also was dying after it reached a certain
temp and not starting again.My mechanic replaced the crank case sensor to fix the
problem of the car dying.Replacing that part also made the transmission start shifting
again.I was dumbfounded.