Why does the pedestrian warning message keep returning without any accidents on 2006 Jaguar XKR

The pedestrian warning system alarm appears on the dash every time I start up. I have not had any bumps with pedestrians, and the message did go out after a car wash, but has since come back and is always on. Is there a way of accessing the ecu to reset this alarm.

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scan codes and post so we can adv
There are no codes showing. It is a message "check pedestrian system". I understand this is shown after a striking a pedestrian, and the pedestrian protection system has been deployed.
It's probably all the ghost, just kidding, there is possibly a bad sensor. Nothing you can reset in the ECM. AS #1 said have it scanned for codes, then we can help advise you.
Thanks for your advice. Is there a way of scanning it myself with a laptop?
Not with out a program which will allow you to. The Body control module is where the information should be and a code reader will probably not work. Needs a more professional toll to retrieve that information.
Thanks again. OK sounds like a trip to the agents.Can I buy the software anywhere for future use?
It's available just search online for program.
Many Thanks again.