Why does the motor feel jumpy when I take my foot of the gas? on 1997 Toyota Camry

Hi There. When I take my foot of the gas (40-50km) the motor is noticeably jumpy. This movement also travels up through the gear stick. It's as if the whole gearbox and motor is moving. BTW, it's a manual trans. I've already replaced the dog bone mount on top of the engine thinking that was the problem, but not the lower font and back mounts as they appear solid, but I could also be wrong about that. Does this sound like an engine mount problem or something else? Thanks. Dallas.

by in Wake Island, HI on December 03, 2013
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ANSWER by , December 03, 2013
Can you duplicate the symptom going in reverse? Could be a few things mounts included.
COMMENT by , December 04, 2013
Yes it does do it in reverse if I take my foot off the gas The car jumps and jerks several times before slowing.
COMMENT by , December 04, 2013
Can you attempt to put it in gear, E brake off, and push the car, rocking it while watching the engine/transmission to see if there is movement in the mounts. The more severely the movement the easier to spot the mounts if they are bad. If not sure compare it to another vehicle of the same style, that is not showing the same symptoms, so you can judge what movement yours should be.
ANSWER by , December 04, 2013
25 to 30 mph; What gear do you have it in when this happens? May need to downshift to a lower gear at that speed. Does the shifter jump and car jerk when you accelerate at that speed in the same gear?
COMMENT by , December 04, 2013
3rd gear and just cruising along in suburban street. So, if I take my foot off the gas there's noticeable jumping which can be felt, and also felt up through the gear shift. Also, if I go quite fast in second and then take my foot right off the gas it does the same thing, i.e. jumps and jerks before it begins to slow.
ANSWER by , December 04, 2013
mounts can look good even though they are sagging
ANSWER by , May 07, 2015
need answer