why does the low tire pressure light come on every 2 weeks? on 2008 Honda Accord

I have been going to a dealer for approx 2 months and they tell me nothing is wrong and just keep putting air in the tires. They told me they checked the stems, sensors and dunked the tires, but can't find nothing wrong. I am getting frustrated and would like a solution.

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bring tires to a tire shop for inspection. if rim is bent they will confirm. you will need to replace.
as you drive air in tire heats up creating pressure change. one tire you know has slow leak can be effecting the other tires on your car. this would trip your sensors, cause more tire issues, suspension issues, steering issues and effect fuel consumption.
So you suggest a tire shop over the dealer? Thanks
dealership is nice if u like throwing money away. only good for warranty and not much at that. every time they have to honor warranty on car, they lose profit margin(bad business for them, bad business for u).
independent garages don't rely on selling cars to make business. always find better(happier) mechanics in independent shops. great for general maintenence.
specialty shops for tranny, exhaust, tires are best if u really want specific info. and work done.
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If the sidewalls of the tires are cracking, maybe air is leaking. Also if there is rim damage, the air could leak out where the tire meets the rim. Maybe you are only experiencing the loss while driving or sitting in a certain position. It would be good to know if just one tire are all four are loosing air.
The tires do not have many miles on them and look new. The right rear seems to be losing air and the dealer said the wheel is bent, but it is not leaking from there. I have to believe him, but also question this. I have hit several curbs a while ago, but I think it started before this.