Why does the HVAC fan motor keep running sometimes after the engine is shut off? on 2004 Volvo XC90

It is not the fan motor for the radiator. The car has climate control. However, the family added a custom radio and bluetooth.

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the radio may have its wiring tapped into the wrong pwr lead, take it back and havethem ck there work
Will do, thanks.
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This is normal. If you have run the A/C while driving, the heater fan will turn on after the car is shut off to help remove moisture from the A/C Evaporator. Allowing the moisture to remain can cause bacteria growth, which is why A/C systems can smell funny at times.
You may see this referenced in your owners manual, but I'm not positive.
I replaced the vent motor and the controller, which mounts on top of it. This should have been a very tough job, but I had a small helper who could make the change when the dashboard was only moved, not removed.
The controller was tested and bad, but we replaced both.

Thanks to all.
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