Why does the heater fan resistor continue to burn out? on 2004 Toyota Corolla

It will work for 2-3 weeks then burn out again. Does the fan motor need replacing? What can I do to fix tbis? Thank you.

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also could be bad wire harness. ck for burn't wires at the plug
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Could be the fan motor. The way to check it is to connect a amp meter to see if it could be pulling too much aperage...also check the wire connections paticularly at the resistor itself.
A new blower motor is $70 and I replaced the resistor 3 times. I hope the new motor fixes the problem. Thanks so much for your help.
Agree with miles. Be sure to check 'closely' the connectors at the resistor and motor for any signs of heat/melted plastic/discoloration at the terminals ect. Replace as needed. Poor connection = high resistannce = heat = new parts failure!!
This is my sisters car she purchased new. She had SEARS AUTO CENTER install the first resistor. They spliced some heater leads for unknown reason, I guess for a test. I need to check these closely.
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