2004 Toyota Corolla Q&A

2004 Toyota Corolla Question: Why does the heater fan resistor continue to burn out?

It will work for 2-3 weeks then burn out again. Does the fan motor need replacing? What can I do to fix tbis? Thank you. -
Answer 1
Could be the fan motor. The way to check it is to connect a amp meter to see if it could be pulling too much aperage...also check the wire connections paticularly at the resistor itself. -
Comment 1
A new blower motor is $70 and I replaced the resistor 3 times. I hope the new motor fixes the problem. Thanks so much for your help. -
Comment 2
Agree with miles. Be sure to check 'closely' the connectors at the resistor and motor for any signs of heat/melted plastic/discoloration at the terminals ect. Replace as needed. Poor connection = high resistannce = heat = new parts failure!! -
Comment 3
This is my sisters car she purchased new. She had SEARS AUTO CENTER install the first resistor. They spliced some heater leads for unknown reason, I guess for a test. I need to check these closely. -
Answer 2
also could be bad wire harness. ck for burn't wires at the plug -