Why does the fan blow when A/C system is shut off? on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

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When the A/C is shut off the fan still blows through the defroster & floor. The A/C (auto control) works like it should
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poss a/c blower resister is starting to go bad or relay issue
Blower was not working, replaced the resister and now I have this problem.
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where did you buy resister?
Advanced Auto, I've got one comming from Chrysler now
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ok also insp resistor plug for burn't plug or wiring iv seen this many times
I replaced the resister with oe. It works! thanks
Amazing what a difference a factory part makes , isn't it??? .......Glad you got it fixed and thanks for reinforcing the general opinion of those 'off-brand' parts from 'that' place.
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