1995 Toyota Camry Q&A

1995 Toyota Camry Question: Why does the distributor keep going bad? Replaced twice in two weeks.

Car won't turn over and I replaced the distributor twice in one week. They will work for a day or two then they go out. I replaced the spark plugs. I will be replacing the wires tomorrow. Could it be anything else? I also replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. I don't know what else it could be. Please help! -
Answer 1
did you replace it with a new one or used? -
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Used/remanufactured -
Answer 2
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Answer 3
where are you buying dist from. poss bad rebuilder -
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My mechanic gets them from a guy, he didn't tell me who or if it was from a parts store. He said that he hasn't had a problem with this guy's distributors before and that if this one goes bad it must be because of something else. -
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then tell you mech to figure it out,thats what your paying him for. sometimes a new one is only slightly higher than a r/b one. -