why does the code reader tell me the check engine light is working but thr light on 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

when i go to start the car the check engine light does not come on in the display like all of the other warning lights before i start the engine

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ck for burn't out bulb to start with
yeah that was the first thing i did. then finally son pulles panel, opened up, and looked thru found black tape on inside blocking light from coming thru

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Does the check engine light come on at all when you turn the key on. It may not come on the the same sequence as the other lights. If it never comes on the bulb or circuit could be a problem.
ive checked the bulb and the cercuit has resestance so that all looks good any other ideals
Here is a case simular to yours someone else had like yours and what to do to test.

Failed emissions with code P0410. Replaced air pump in the main fuse. Now no check engine light with key on but it Runs fine.
Average Reported Mileage: 95000
Tests/Procedures: 1. Disconnect the Red connector at Vehicle Control Module (VCM)

2. Ground the Brown/White wire on pin 41.

3. If the Service Engine Soon (SES) light comes on, leave the VCM disconnected for a few minutes (both connectors), and if the light works normally when reconnected, it has a bad connection or a glitch in the VCM.

4. If the light is not coming on, it has a bad VCM
son found problem. someone covered panel on inside with electrical tape instead of servicing engine. some people are lazy and stupid. LOL. atleast its fixed and not a hard or expensive fix