Why does the blower/fan for heater and air conditioner work sporadically?
on 2006 Toyota Corolla

Car only has 45,000 miles, have had this problem for a year. Dealer said it needs a new motor ($600) not covered by warranty. If it's the motor then why does it work about half the time. I've discovered that when it refuses to work, if I open and shut the glove compartment with a little force, it will sometimes work. What's up with that? Electrical problem?

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Its a bad winding in the actual motor itself. Electric motors work with magnetics. Electrical current flowing through windings inside the motor build up a magnetic field in the shaft and the stator. attracting polarities cause the shaft to rotate. When there is a bad winding, part of the magnetic field doesnt get fully fielded. Thus causing it to sometimes work and sometimes not.