why does steering wheel vibrate when i turn the ac on? on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

steering wheel vibrating when ac is turned on.

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Try having the motor mounts checked
The above was not my question. I cut my air conditioner on for the first time, sitting in a McD line & car (2003 Ford Focus) cuts off. It did soon start back. Is this going to happen again soon? What is the problem. I have not tried again to drive around with air on, paranoid.
It could be a lot of things. 1st step is to see if it does it again. If it does most likely it will need to go to a shop for diagnosis
Thanks answering air conditioner on & car cut off question. So far it had not happen again. Note I will be living without the air conditioner (until I get rid of this car within next month or 2, if it makes it). I have put too much money in it past 2 years.