Why does Oil light stay on? How many seals do I have & what is best way to fix? on 1992 Ford Taurus

I have a 1992 Ford Taurus GL Station Wagon,8 passenger, 3.OL V6, OHV, 222,685 m. Engine still runs very strong. On Rt. 22 in Mountainside, NJ, went from 0 to 50mph in 5 sec. True story!! For many months have had severe oil leaks. Got oil change and filter, 7/3, had to refill 2 &1/2 qts today. Slightly hear lifters, BUT NOT LOUD. Why does Oil light stay on? How can I fix/ Thank You guys!

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I agree with goodguy's answer! Also, leaking seals should be replaced but have no effect on oil pressure! PCV system needs to be checked also. With that many miles, some leaks are not going to stop even with new seals due to 'blow by' which creates internal engine pressures that forces some oil to leak! Worn engine componets that let oil bypass it's normal flow is the most common cause of LOW oil pressure.
This is good AND quick advice. You will be recommended by me! I will check with my mechanic. Thanks
In another repair question, the windshield wiper fluid is not coming up from the reservoir when I turn on wipers to clean window AND my left rear window does not lower when I press power button. All other windows work perfectly.
Will get back to you.
You know I really appreciate your help and am very impressed. Thank you.
On the windshield washer: possible blown fuse, defective pump at the reservior tank or blockage in the tubing or spray nozzles. (no /incorrect fluid in reservior tank)
On the window: defective window lift motor, most likely suspect, if inop. from both driver and passenger switches!
Thank you very much.
Glad to try to help!
In relation to my engine oil leak, tonight my car began to smoke and begin to over heat for the first time. I immediately pulled over put another quart of oil in. I made it home in 10 minutes but it was smoking again as the oil seemed to be leaking from the top middle of the engine onto the trans housing. Is this possibly from the head gasket seal? Would replacing the oil sensor switch be the proper start to repair this? When I got into my driveway, had to put another quart of oil in (to full.) I checked letting the car idle for 5 min. and there was no smoke or leaking? Does this mean the oil pressure is definitely way off and causes the oil to severely leak from worn valves while I'm driving? There were drips of oil that follow me into parking lots today. Hope I can make it to my mechanic in the morning. May have to stop a few times to refill and let engine cool to prevent fire. Can you answer these questions for me? Thanks for your help. Casper
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take out oil pressure switch and install oil pressure gauge to check oil pressure
Do you think I also need to replace the seals?
What would be approximate cost to replace oil gauge (oil pressure switch)?