Why does my truck keep overheating? on 1995 Dodge Ram 1500

I have replaced the upper, lower, by pass hoses, the thermostat (three times), fan clutch and the water pump.And its still overheating. I think its the radiator but I m not sure.I ve flushed it at least 4 times for 15 minutes each time. It is running hot because when I turn on the defroster the hi. It blows hotter than normal.

by in Salmon, ID on July 18, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 18, 2010
"It is running hot because when I turn on the defroster the hi. It blows hotter than normal." That's the reason you think it's running hot, the defrost is hotter than usual? What does the temp gauge read? Has anyone actually used a scan tool and got the coolant temp from that? Hooked up a stand alone temp gauge, put a thermometer in the coolant? Maybe you just need a cooler thermostat.
COMMENT by , July 18, 2010
They have hooked it up to a dyno n CANT find the problem. The gauge reads hot. Thus the heater blows hot! air. Alot hotter than it normally operates
ANSWER by , August 10, 2011
you may have a craked head gasket ,small leak can put pressure in a coolant sistem (do a compression test and a coolant sistem presure test too ,if the coolan sistem reveal abnormal presure (hight)you have a head gasket problem ,also apply pressure in the upper hose if you feel to much pressure is kind a head gasked fail and check for bubbles in the radiator
ANSWER by , July 18, 2010
Cuz if theres one thing I know is, I know my truck. It is indeed overheating. Im a mechanic who was in the the Marine Corps. I go with my gut. My gut tells me its the radiator.
COMMENT by , July 24, 2011
ok mine is kinda doing the same thing i just replaced the thermostat and it still overheats it runs about anywhere from 200 which is normal to 250 and thats when i shut her down i wont let her get too hot and it only has a 195 thermostat in it it didnt do this when i got it. i spun a rod bearing so i had to rebuild it and thats when the problem occurred i have checked every thing i could think of maybe yall can give me some suggestions