1997 Ford Expedition Q&A

1997 Ford Expedition Question: why does my truck cut off when I apply the break

The battery keeps going dead but whenever the truck is started it idles high as if the gas is being pressed. When in another gear if I press the break it cuts right off -
Answer 1
We could only guess without further testing, and guessing could lead you in the wrong direction. -
Comment 1
Is it possible it could be the coils gone bad? I've had people tell me the coils, the air filter, the spark plugs need changing. Is any of these possible -
Comment 2
If the coils are bad, it would be missing really bad, plugs would be the same way. When brakes are pushed, there could be a problem with the vacuum, which could be causing the high idle. It could also be a situation with the electrical, have had that as well with Ford trucks. -