why does my transmission seem to shift gears fast on 2007 BMW 550i

why does my transmission seem to shift gears fast

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you should have a transmission mode switch; it should NOT be in the "sport" mode. factory warranty is 4 years
or 50,000 miles; if still under warranty, ask the dealer
to look into this. if not in warranty, you will need a
good BMW shop that has the correct software to scan this. this transmission is adaptive; if you drive it hard, it will learn and then shift quicker.
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"OWNERS MANUAL" twenty years of college and a few million in the bank still won't make up for not reading a really BORING book. It sometimes has better info then the service manual(scarey thought). Reminds me of a customer I had years ago , that was literally a 'rocket scientist' (no kidding) , and he screwed up head gaskets on a ford ranger V-6 , USING THE SERVICE MANUAL! although that thought was uhm...useless.never mind....