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1998 Saturn SC2 Question: Why does my Saturn SC2 stall out periodically?



Tinamarie, 1.9L 4 Cylinder DOHC, Oxford, ME, May 05, 2012, 20:08

Sometimes my car wont start i will turn the key and you can hear it trying to turn over but it wont after 5-10 trys it will usually start.

After it starts sometimes it will just automatically stall out unless i rev the gas pedal.
If i am at a stop sign or a redlight it will either stall out completely or my RPM'S will drop to zero without stalling out completely. I either have to restart the car or rev the gas pedal.

I have given it a complete tune-up, changed the throttle ignition sensor, oxygen sensors, coil packs, starter, altenator

I have tried dry gas, injection cleaner and various sorts like that
I have tried everything i have been told and am running out of options as my starter just went again after only a year of having it.
I would appreciate any advice

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