Why does my Lincoln LS 2002 get loud when accelerating quickly and hesitant? on 2002 Lincoln LS

I recently had to have my Lincoln LS 2002 serviced because every time I hit the gas, it would get really loud like a truck. The check engine light is usually always on, but it started blinking after driving maybe 5 minutes. I had it serviced and the dealership found that the tire rods had been broken and rigged back together. Those were replaced. It cost almost $3,000 to repair it and now the check engine light is back on and has been staying on again and it still gets loud sometimes but not every time I press the gas. It usually happens when trying to take off or accelerate quickly. It seems to be a hesitant also. Today it said ABS Check traction Control, but didn't say it again after turning the car and turning it back on later.

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poss exh leak?
I don't know. I originally thought it was an exhaust leak but checked out on diagnosis and I just had my oil changed yesterday and the exhaust seemed fine and was checked as good on the checklist.
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having some codes will help.