why does my kia sound bad, and has trouble going past 45?
on 2001 Kia Sportage

i was going to carbandale and half waay there it lost speed and began to sound bad. i put in fuel injection cleaner seemed to help alittle. but it still sounds bad . and runs rough. A week before my car wouldn't start and my son in law sprayed starter fluid in it to get it to start.

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Do you have any check engine lights on? Sounds like an ignition or air/fuel mix issue. Usual causes: spark plugs or coils are bad. Or, fuel pressure/air mix. Need more info.
check engine light flashes
Check engine light flashing at you means the likely cause is a bad spark plug coil causing a misfire condition while driving. Go to a parts store like Autozone and they will give you a free read of the engine codes and then post on here.