why does my jetta leak so much oil? on 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

my car makes a loud sound like it isn't shifting properly and it also leaks a lot of oil. the coolant light comes on alot and i replace the coolant each time but it still leaks. whatsup???!!!

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It sounds as though you have several different issues with your Jetta... you mention that it's leaking oil, but that you often add coolant, so I'd guess it must be leaking coolant as well? Or is it possible that what you are seeing leaking is actually coolant and not oil at all?
Either way, this should probably be addressed as soon as possible. With the noise occurring as you are shifting it is possible that the transmission is losing it's fluid and you may do irreparable damage to the transmission if you continue to drive the car!
Please take the car to your favorite shop as soon as possible and ask them to inspect it for you. I think you may save a great deal in the long run if you get this repaired soon!
Hope this helps, Scott
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poss water pump or radiator. seek a pressure test to determine issue
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