why does my explorer sport just shut off going down the road on 1999 Ford Explorer

99 explorer sport just shuts off while driving, doesnt matter if its warmed up or not,it can be 100 yards or 10 miles while driving,or in the morning when i start it it also does it!! no dash lite comes on to warn me it just boom!! shuts off:{ i changed the coil!! im thinking maybe the camshaft sensor? or module ????

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check fuel pressre first. common for fuel pump failure

i cleaned the air control valve sensor and it has not done it for a few hours,right after i did it it ran fine,then i was driving and the motor was still running fine but i pushed on the gas peddle and got nothing:} it seemed to kick back in but thats never happened juss used to shut off... i drove it like 30 miles about a hour ago and it was fine???? maybe it is the air control???